We have been working very hard to minimise the change to the “normal” in the gym, but in-line with the Government guidance, a 1 hour training slot per day will need to be booked in advance.

Other guidance changes are as follows:

Compulsory temperature checks – (a temperature 37.8c or above will be refused entry)

Spacing of equipment of our unisex gym has been spread over 2 floors

A limited number of people will be allowed in the gym at any one time

There is to be no partner/group training or spotting allowed

We have had to remove a limited amount of equipment and introduced a new bench press

Music will not be played due to higher transmission spread through raised voices

Personal items apart from phones, headphones, drinks and medical items will not be allowed onto the gym floor and must be placed in a locker

A one way system has been implemented for you to follow when wanting to return to a previous piece of gym equipment and creating a 2 way entrance at the main door

Any weights, attachment and benches need to be sprayed down after use with the antibacterial sprays provided throughout the gym

We have increased our own cleaning schedule for 10 minutes periods between hour bookings and will be closing at 9pm for intense cleaning 

Sanitizer stations will be situated around the gym and on all floors and we encourage you to wash and sanitizer your hands regularly

Showers will not be available and we encourage you to arrive and leave in the same clothing 

We will be keeping a 21 day track and trace in the unfortunate circumstance that we have a Covid-19 case

Our highest priority is the wellbeing of our staff and members 

This is a very challenging time and in order for the gym to reopen we have had to follow the government guidance until such a time that we can relax certain aspects and hopefully return back to normal 

We are aware that this is all new and will take some time in getting used to. We will work together as a gym family, so that you can get the maximum results out of your training, whilst looking after your wellbeing.